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Volker Scheid PhD, FrChM, MBAcC


I am a physician in the East Asian medical tradition with over 25 years of clinical experience. I hold diplomas in acupuncture and in Chinese and Western herbal medicine from various institutions including the Beijing and Shanghai Universities of Chinese Medicine. In 2006 I was awarded a visiting professorship at the Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou (China).

I was able to study with several renowned Chinese physicians who guided my understanding of Chinese medicine to greater depth. As a result of my scholarly research I have become particularly attached to the Menghe current in Chinese medicine with its emphasis on mild and gentle treatment. I have also studied Japanese Kampo medicine from which I take an emphasis on direct observation and experience.

I currently practice acupuncture and herbal medicine at The Traditional Acupuncture Centre in Waterloo (London) with a focus on internal medicine (內科 neike) and gynaecology (婦科 fuke). I offer treatment in a wide range of disorders including allergies, auto-immune disorders, cardio-vascular disorders, digestive disorders, menopause and the support of patients suffering from cancer. I am a Fellow of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM), a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), and a registered practitioner of natural medicine (Heilpraktiker) in Germany.

As part of an ongoing Department of Health funded research project at the University of Westminster I have established a number of menopause clinics in London. These clinics offer free treatment to participating women in order to investigate the potential of Chinese medicine in the treatment of menopause. It is my intention in the future to extend these clinics to other disorders so as to make East Asian medicine accessible to all segments of society.

Volker Scheid
The Clinic at Southbank
75 Roupell Street
Waterloo, London, Great Britian SE1 8SS