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Tu Si Zi (Cuscuta chinensis)

  • Botanical name: Cuscuta chinensis
  • Common name: Cuscuta, Chinese dodder seeds
  • Family: Convolvulaceae
  • Part used in Chinese medicine: seed
  • Major Chinese medicine actions:
  • Tonifes yang, augments yin, secures essence,
    tonifies Liver and Kidneys, benefits Spleen, calms fetus in pregnancy
Cuscuta europaea
Cuscuta europaea
Cuscuta europaea

Photo Credits: (top to bottom)
Photo 1: Cuscuta europaea; 07/2005; author Bogdan; permission under GFDL
Photo 2: Cuscuta europaea; author Tolmiea; permission under GFDL
Photo 3: Cuscuta europaea; 06/2008; author Bouba; permission under GFDL


Besides Cuscuta chinensis, other acceptable species for use in Chinese medicine are Cuscuta japonica, C. australis, C. europaea, and C. reflexa.