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Shi Di (Diospyros kaki)

By September 6, 2022No Comments
  • Botanical name: Diospyros kaki
  • Common name: Persimmon calyx, Kaki
  • Family: Ebenaceae
  • Part used in Chinese medicine: calyx
  • Major Chinese medicine actions:
  • Directs Stomach qi downward, stops hiccough
Diospyros kaki
Diospyros kaki
Diospyros kaki
Diospyros kaki

Photo Credits: (top to bottom)
Photo 1: Diospyros kaki; 01/2006; author Rasbak; permission under GFDL
Photo 2: Diospyros kaki; 05/2007; author Karduelis; permission under GFDL
Photo 3: Diospyros kaki; 05/2007; author Kenpei; permission under GFDL
Photo 4: Diospyros kaki; 10/2005; suthor Tomomarusan; permission Creative Commons