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Gu Syndrome: Treating Chronic Inflammatory Disease with Chinese Herbs

By Heiner Fruehauf


Gu syndrome has not just been mentioned in a single classic, but every notable book by every master in the past generally featured a chapter on Gu syndrome, because it was such a major part of what a Chinese doctor practicing anywhere between 500 BC and the 1940’s was facing.  We should add here that Gu is not an anthropological phenomenon, a bizarre disease in the swamps of ancient China that does not exist anymore,.  Quite the contrary – due to the decreased immunity in modern people, because of the way we eat and …the way many of us were given antibiotics as kids, the average modern city dweller is actually much more susceptible to parasitic organisms than Chinese villagers in the past.  The clinical concept of Gu, therefore, is actually more useful now than it has been in the past…..

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Heiner Fruehauf

Born into a German family of medical doctors specializing in natural healing modalities, Heiner Fruehauf studied sinology, philosophy and comparative literature at several prestigious universities and earned a doctoral degree in East Asian Languages and Civilization.  He went on to complete two years of post-doctoral training at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mentored by Deng Zhongjia, one of China’s primary experts in the fields of formula studies and classical Chinese medicine.

Presently, Heiner serves as Founding Professor of the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and director of the Heron Institute, a non-profit institution for the research and preservation of traditional life science.  In private practice, he focuses on the complementary treatment of difficult and recalcitrant diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and chronic digestive disorders.

We are very grateful to Heiner Fruehauf for permission to offer this article, and for his generosity and ready willingness to provide great articles for our newsletter  Please visit his website to learn about his upcoming seminars: