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In seeking guidance for our own work with patients, those of us at the Jade Institute and others have put together a listing and links to resources that we have found to be particularly valuable.  The information below comes from a variety of wise and experienced sources, all given generously by their authors.  It is encouraging to see the outpouring of help offered by teachers and doctors, both in the West and in China, in support of practitioners here and their ability to understand and treat the virus.

The resource articles, translations, and podcasts below are listed under the individual or organization that has posted them on their site.  Links are provided for both the main website and for each individual article.  Undoubtedly, more information, research and discourse on this topic will be made available over time.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but resources that we are aware of and seemed especially valuable.

Classical Chinese Medicine

Heiner Fruehauf generously offers a great deal of thoughtful resources on Chinese medicine and Covid-19 from various authors, including his translations from the writings of prominent doctors in China  The Classical Chinese Medicine website introduces their Covid resource page: The quickly changing situation with COVID-19 / Coronavirus, we feel a sense of duty to provide as much thoughtful and useful information as possible with regard to Chinese medicine. We’ll post new articles and translations of research and reports coming out of China as they become available.

A Discussion of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Approaches to COVID-19 Based on the Experience of Chinese Medicine Expert Deng Tietao During the SARS Epidemic (Zhang Weilan,  Wang Xiangdong, Wang Yujin, Tan Cong’e)
Lessons for the treatment of COVID-19 from the late Dr. Deng Tietao, the master herbalist from Guangzhou who showed the world during the SARS outbreak in 2003 that viral epidemics can be successfully treated with Chinese medicine.

The Role of Chinese Medicine in the COVID-19 Epidemic (Liu Lihong, translated by Heiner Fruehauf and Bryan McMahon)
Transcript of a 2-hour video lecture from a COVID-19 hospital in Wuhan, by the prominent Chinese medicine scholar-physician Liu Lihong, describing the important role of Chinese medicine in the treatment of this epidemic, and the importance of the classical six-phase approach in diagnosis.

The Dampness Epidemic: Exploring the Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19 in Shanghai (Xue Yan, Zhang Wei, Xu Guihua, Chen Xiaorong, Lu Yunfei, Wang Zhenwei, Shi Kehua, Wu Huan, Yu Jian, redacted and translated by Heiner Fruehauf)
A recent report based on the clinical experience of front-line physicians in Shanghai. After treating more than 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19, they are of the opinion that this disease should be classified as belonging to the traditional rubric of “damp epidemic” (shiwen 濕瘟).

Expert Consensus Statement on the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection in Children (Wang Yongyan, Wang Xuefeng, Ma Rong, Synthesized and translated by Heiner Fruehauf)
After observing an idiopathic outbreak of viral pneumonia in December 2019, later termed the COVID-19 infection, increased numbers of infected children have come to the attention of relevant medical agencies in China. Includes a detailed outline of the government’s official TCM treatment guidelines that have been employed at Chinese hospitals since late January for both children and adults.

Initial Thoughts on Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment with Chinese Medicine (Heiner Fruehauf)
Insights on the Chinese medicine etiology and potential treatment approaches to the coronavirus epidemic using Chinese herbal medicine; based on medical treatment reports from China and Heiner Fruehauf’s own clinical experience during the recent flu season.

Report from the Front Line in Wuhan (Liu Lihong, translated by Heiner Fruehauf)
A report from one of the first Chinese medicine responders to the front lines of treating COVID-19 in Wuhan. Dr. Liu Lihong offers first-hand insights into the etiology of the disease and suggests possible treatment approaches using the modalities of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.


Michael Max interviews various experts in Chinese Medicine.  Podcasts listed below elucidate aspects of the Covid-19 development, treatment and classical understanding.

Trusting the Fundamentals – Using Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Epidemic Disease (Heiner Fruehauf)
Discussions in this podcast include background on the reports from China, overlaps between Shang Han and Wen Bing perspectives, prescriptions as a reference tool, critical distinctions between method (fa) and prescription (fang), and wu yun liu qi perspective on the environment, weather and the flu.

Considering Covid-19, Methods and Safety (Craig Mitchell)
The importance of differential diagnosis, keeping an open mind, being responsible as practitioners, the possibility of a damp component, and the importance of formulas San Ren Tang and Hou Po Xia Ling Tang.

Lotus Institute

Dr. John Chen was one of the first to support our Chinese medicine profession with education regarding treatment in China for Coivd-19 as well as understanding from a Western medical perspective.   He has offered several free webinars and translations with protocols from China and interviews with doctors on the front lines there, and continues to do so as new information emerges. Many articles are available for download in various languages.


Webinar One: The Treatment of Influenza and Viral Infections
The first webinar, and some of the first information that came out regarding the understanding and protocols used in China for the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Webinar Two: How the Coronavirus is Treated with TCM in China
The next level of understanding of the Covid-19 virus as it comes out of experience of doctors in China,  Dr. John Chen and Lotus Institute has generously continued to update us on the detailed information coming out of China, along with his perspective as a TCM herbalist and medical pharmacologist.

Webinar Three: Coronavirus and TCM: Scientific Research and Clinical Evidence of Chinese Herbs
A continued perspective and deepening of understanding of the virus, the formulas and the individual herbs used in treatment, including substitutions for the herbs that are unavailable in North America due to supply and FDA safety restrictions.

TCM Resource Page: Articles
This page lists all the resource articles, interviews, and webinars offered by Lotus Institute as well as reference charts and other archived materials compiled by Lotus. Institute

Articles and Journal References

How Covid-19 is Currently Treated in China with TCM (Dr. John Chen and Lori Hsu)
Day by day account of medical treatment in Wuhan, along with current herb treatment protocols being used.

Specific Applications of TCM in the Prevention and Treatment of Cofid-19 (Dr. Tang Ying)
Formulas as well as specific guideline for doctors and staff at hospitals in China, showing Chinese herbal medicine as an effective alternative approach for prevention of Coivd-19 in high risk populations.

Quick Reference Covid-19 Formula Charts
Chart from Hubei Provincial Hospital of TCM showing each stage of the virus with various diagnosed patterns and strategies, clinical manifestations, formula names, recommended prescriptions, and administration and dosages and administration of herbs.

Can Chinese Medicine Be Used for Prevention of Corona Virus Disease 2019?  A Review of Historical Classics, Research Evidence and Current Prevention Programs (Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine)
Journal article from Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine showing that based on historical records and human evidence of SARS and H1N1 influenza prevention, Chinese herbal formulas can be an effective alternative approach for prevention of COVID-19 in high-risk populations.

Clinical Predictors of Mortality Due to Covid-19 based on an Analysis of Data of 150 Patients from Wuhan, China  (Intensive Care Medicine Journal)
This article in the Intensive Care Medicine journal uses the database of Jin Yin-tan Hospital and Tongji Hospital, to give a retrospective multicenter study of 68 death cases due to laboratory-confrmed infection of SARS-CoV-2. (68/150, 45%) and 82 discharged cases (82/150, 55%).

Prevention and Treatment of Viral Respiratory Infections by Traditional Chinese Herbs (Chinese Medicine Journal)
Review of a journal article showing traditional Chinese herbs can directly inhibit pathogens infecting the respiratory tract, and coordinate the activity of immune system to avoid or relieve infections.

Front Line Interviews

A Wuhan TCM Doctor Speaks Out From Ground Zero (Covid-19)
YouTube video of interview with front line doctor in Wuhan regarding hospital situations and how doctors are treating patients from a combined Western and traditional Chinese medicine approach, with the need for broad herb protocols.

Text Conversation with a Nurse from Huang Shi City, #5 Hospital near Wuhan: What people use at home and a diary of someone infected with Covid-19
interview with nurse treating Covid-19 patients about their daily lives and how they are taking care of themselves and treating the virus while quarantined at home.

Text Conversation with the Medical Supplier in Wuhan, China: A discussion of the pivotal role of Chinese herbs in Covid-19 and the situation in Wuhan
A medical supplier talks about how herbs are prescribed and distributed to hospital patients.

Community Contributions

Thoughts on Covid-19 Based on JingFang Medicine: Classical Chinese Formula Solutions for Covid-19  (Huang Huang)
From the International JingFang (classical Chinese medicine) Institute, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, offering an article from Huang Huang suggesting a theoretical understanding of the virus and appropriate prescriptions.

Treating the Coronavirus with Chinese Medicine (Jin Zhao)
Cheng Du doctor Jin Zhao discusses his perspective on the illness induced by the coronavirus based on the observations and experience of a number of doctors he is working with along with his own experience and his perspective gleaned from his long term study of various schools of thought in Chinese medicine.

Healthy Seminars

Healthy Seminars offers webinars on “TCM Knowledge and Discussions on Covid-19”.  These online seminars are generally offered as free live seminars, then are available to listen to for the following 48 hours only.  Some of the April webinars include:

“The Neijing Perspective on Epidemic and Pandemic Diseases and the Current Covid-10 Situation with Dr. Edward Neal”, MD, MSOM

“Clinical Pearls for Optimizing Fertility During Isolation with Chinese Herbs and Western Botanicals” with Kirsten Karchmer, Ingrid Bauer MD, and Benjamin Zapplin, Lac.

“Covid-19: Preventing the Cytokine Storm” with Thomas Bayne.

“Chinese Medicine Response to Covid 19: A Summary of Treatment Approaches Used in China” with Heiner Frauhauf.

The Lantern

One of our premier Chinese medicine journals offers an entire issue dedicated to sharing the writings of several highly respected doctors with their experience and thoughts on Covid-19.  This issue is available for free download and includes the following listed articles:

Covid-19 How-To Guide for Practitioners

A Matter of Life and Death (Volker Scheid)
A historical perspective on the diagnoses involved in epidemic disorders in China, drawing on a variety of sources and perspectives, from both classical and modern texts.

Difference between Passing and Lurking Pathogens (Wu Youke) translated by Steven Clavey
Understanding “passing pathogens” such as a normal cold damage pathogen that first strikes the taiyang and may then pass to yangming or shaoyang – compared to a “lurking pathogen” such as in a warm epidemic patterns where the pathogenic toxin lurks in the membrane source and has a much more complicated trajectory.

Early Stages of a Warm Epidemic  (Wu Youke) translated by Steven Clavey
Discussion of Wu Youke’s formula “Da Mo Yuan Yin” (Reach the Source Drink) for damp obstructing the membrane source, along with modification and additions for variations in the pattern.

Transmission to the Exterior and Interior  (Wu Youke) translated by Steven Clavey
“San Xiao Yin” (Three Dispersing Drink) deals with a toxic pathogen progression that is going to both the surface and the interior, but some residual pathogen still remains knotted in the membrane source.

Extracts on Damp-Warmth (Ye Tianshi) translated by Daniela Van Wart and Charles Chase
Differing perspectives on the progression of cold damage patterns and warm pathogens as they move from the exterior to interior, along with some cautions regarding improper treatment.

Usual and Unusual Changes with Epidemic Pathogens (Wu Youke) translated by Steven Clavey
Every patient brings their own complication and pre-existing illnesses to a situation when infected by an epidemic pathogen, but resolving the pathogen is still the key.

Urgent Patterns Need Urgent Purging  (Wu Youke) translated by Steven Clavey
The case for using Da Huang during pregnancy, where using it correctly can effectively calm the foetus.

Approaching Covid-19 as Damp Toxin  (Jin Zhao with Chris Flanagan)
Excerpts from the Wen Yi Lun (Discussion of Warm Epidemics) and Shi Re Bing Pian (Writings on Damp Heat Pathogen Diseases) as applied to covid-19 damp toxin pathogen, with a detailed discussion of applicable formulas, functions of individual herbs, and case history.

Some Methods for Invasion of Pathogenic Damp  (Lei Shaoyi) translated by Steven Clavey
Extracts from Chapter 6 of the Shi Bing Lun (Discussion of Seasonal Diseases) with a variety of methods for dealing with invasive damp warmth disease, both mild and deep-lying, and formulas for different presentations of pathogenic damp, with case history.

A Working Guide to Covid-19  (Ma Shouchun) translated and edited by Craig Mitchell and Dan Bensky
Discussion of covid-19 progression and basic strategies, as well as detailed discussion of possible transmission pathways at each stage of exterior, interior, and critical stages, with additional formula suggestions for prevention and post recovery care.

Treatise on Damp-Heat Diseases  (Xue Shengbai) translated by Volker Scheid
An in depth discussion of damp warmth patterns which are characterized by initial chills, followed by fever without chills, sweating, chest focal distension, a white (or yellow) tongue coat, and thirst without desire to drink, with a clear and detailed comments on how different variations in symptoms arise, with formulas to consider.

Journal of Chinese Medicine

JCM offers some free articles exploring the theory and treatment of Covid-19 from a combined Western and Chinese medicine approach.

Acupuncture in the Treatment of Covid-19: An Exploratory Study (Peilin Sun and Wen Sheng Zhou)
This study aims to explore the role of acupuncture in treating Covid-19 by investigating relevant current literature along with classical Chinese medicine texts on epidemics.  Based on this analysis acupuncture points and strategies are suggested for practitioners to use as a guide to treatment.

Discussion on the Theory and Clinical Practice of TCM For Covid-19 (Zhejiang Chinese Medical University)
This is a very in depth power point on Covid-19 including discussion on Western pathology findings at various stages, labs and imaging, TCM etiology and pathogenesis, diagnostic criteria, prevention approaches, clinical treatment by stages, and case examples.

Other Articles of Interest

Underneath the Epidemic: An Examination of Wu Yun Liu Qi, Chinese Medical Treatment and Prevention Strategies for Covid-19  (Bryan McMahon)
Chinese physicians of the past paid close attention to the dynamics of environmental factors commonly referred to as wu yun liu qi.  While not intended to eclipse in-person diagnostic findings, the system of wu yun liu qi shed much light on the backdrop from which pathology is emerging, much like the background setting for the character driven action of a stage play. A system like wu yun liu qi helps not only gain perspective on pathodynamics, but is also useful for identifying individuals and populations most vulnerable to different ailments in different years, or even within periods of the same year.

Covid-19 and TCM Case Study: Treating Early Stage Covid-19 infections (two cases) (Jake Fratkin)
Jake Fratkin presents two early Covid-19 case studies with information about Chinese herbs formulas for treatment, and resource links to additional information. This includes a question and answer format with practitioners throughout the presentation.