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Jade Windscreen Powder

  We learned this in our first quarter of Chinese medicine school, and if you read through the advertisements and support materials for any of the multitude of herbal products you will see this... Jade Windscreen Powder is for building the immune systems in those who easily get colds. I’m one of those people. I…
Cindy Micleu
June 22, 2015

Some Thoughts on Active Points

The goal of every acupuncturist is to locate and treat the points that are most effective, but there is a great variety of ways in which we go about this. Many approaches, classical and modern, have been advanced for this purpose, but there are many differences and not much consistency among these methods. In Japanese…
Cindy Micleu
June 22, 2015
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Dissecting Acupuncture and IVF Studies

  Is there any proof that acupuncture improves fertility? Savvy patients and evidence-seeking western medical professionals will undoubtedly ask this question of any acupuncturist specializing in fertility treatment. When answering the question, what research studies should be cited? Should the research be applied to practice – and in what way? While the body of western-styled…
Cindy Micleu
June 21, 2015

The Assessment and Management of Upper Extremity Epicondylitis

  Upper extremity epicondylitis is known commonly as a “tennis elbow” when the lateral epicondyle is compromised and referred to as “pitchers elbow” when the medial epicondyle is impaired. These conditions are frequently encountered in the clinic and often are stubborn in their recovery. The manner of approach and efficiency of the acupuncture treatment can…
Cindy Micleu
June 19, 2015
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The Prevention of Miscarriage using Chinese Herbal Medicine

  In Western medicine, there are three stages to a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion: 1) threatened miscarriage 2) incomplete miscarriage 3) complete miscarriage. The patient may experience any or all of these stages. In threatened miscarriage, there is slight bleeding and lower abdominal cramping. However, the cervix is still closed and, therefore, treatment may prevent…
Cindy Micleu
June 15, 2015