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Internal Medicine

Understanding Covid-19: A Compilation of Resources for the Chinese Medicine Community

By Acupuncture, AOM Research, Case Histories, Classics, Clinical Perspectives , East/West Integration, Health Preservation, Herbal Medicine, History, Internal Medicine, Theory and Diagnosis


In seeking guidance for our own work with patients, those of us at the Jade Institute and others have put together a listing and links to resources that we have found to be particularly valuable.  The information below comes … Read More

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All Disease Comes From the Heart: The Pivotal Role of the Emotions in Classical Chinese Medicine

By Classics, Clinical Perspectives , Emotion/Spirit, Internal Medicine, Theory and Diagnosis

By Heiner Fruehauf


Most modern clinicians find that a majority of their patients suffer from the symptom complex generally referred to as “stress”. Emotional stress, however, is usually regarded as a confounding rather than a causative factor in pathophysiology. … Read More

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