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Treating Dry Macular Degeneration with Acupuncture

December 27, 2017 | by Julian Scott Chinese medicine is superior to orthodox Western medicine in the treatment of many conditions, including eye diseases. It is often quicker, cheaper, and more long lasting in its effect. There are, of course, some situations when Western medicine is preferable to Chinese medicine, though these are relatively few.…
Cindy Micleu
December 27, 2017
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Leaky Gut Syndrome A Modern Epidemic

Part 1: The Problem Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is a major cause of disease and dysfunction in modern society, and in my practice accounts for at least 50% of chronic complaints, as confirmed by laboratory tests. In discussing LGS, I want to first describe the situation in terms of western physiology, and at the end…
Cindy Micleu
October 15, 2015
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Acupuncture in the Treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome

  The occurrence of premenstrual physical and psychological changes was first mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates1, whilst premenstrual syndrome itself was first identified in the 1930’s by Frank2,3. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is defined as “a collection of differing signs and symptoms which occur only in the premenstruum, i.e. after ovulation, and is relieved by…
Cindy Micleu
July 17, 2015
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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

The general treatment principle is "nourishing yin and extinguishing wind".  Nourishing liver and kidney yin treats the root and extinguishing wind focuses on eliminating its manifestation.....the specific treatment plan will be different in different stages of the disease and with different patients.  Generally speaking, Parkinson's disease is a chronic and difficult disease requiring a long…
Cindy Micleu
June 22, 2015
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  According to a consensus document on fibromyalgia (FM)—the Copen­hagen Declaration (Jacobsen, Samsoe, Lund, 1993)—FM is a painful, non‑articular condition predominantly involving muscles, and is the commonest cause of chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain. It was only by 1987 that FM was rec­ognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a distinct condition that is responsible…
Cindy Micleu
June 22, 2015