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Michael Max MAcOM, L.Ac.


Michael Max graduated from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM) where he studied acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and earned a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. After graduating and practicing in Seattle for a few years, Michael followed his curiosity to Asia to learn Chinese and to further his understanding of Chinese medicine from within the Chinese language and cultural frame. Michael’s travels of over five years took him to both Taiwan and Mainland China where he had the good fortune to meet and study with a number of doctors who practiced in ways we don’t study in our western texts.

Since returning from Asia in 2005, he has gone back several times to continue pursuing his own study, and to lead groups of practitioners to study with Dr. Huang. Michael translated Dr. Huang’s “The Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine”, published in 2009 by Eastland Press. He also maintains and is chief editor of Currently, he is working on another translation that concerns the work of one of the Shang Han Lun experts of the last century, and also maintains an active practice at Yong Kang Chinese Medicine Clinic in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Michael Max
Yong Kang Chinese Medicine Clinic
103 N. Taylor Ave., Suite B
St. Louis, Missouri 63122
(314) 821-9642