Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Clinic

Welcome to the Jade Wellness Center

At our clinic we offer quality acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine care, and other natural health care modalities. Our services include a convenient herbal medicine dispensary adjacent to the clinic where patients may pick up herbal products prescribed by their health care providers and have their custom Chinese herbal prescriptions filled.


Public education programs:

As part of a greater healing community, we offer educational classes and lectures to the public that support the development of effective self care skills. By promoting an understanding of acupuncture and Oriental medicine principles as well as other natural medicine approaches, we hope to promote healthy communities and empower people to create harmony and balance in their body-mind and in their relationship with the earth.

Our programs provide opportunities for:

  • Increased awareness of traditional Chinese medicine principles
  • Development of tools and techniques for effective self-care
  • Exploration of the integration of holistic care with conventional medicine


The Jade Center offers a unique group of services at one facility: