Jade Institute - Oriental Medicine Herbal Formula Store

Welcome to the Jade Herbal Dispensary

The Jade Herbal Dispensary offers a large range of Chinese herbs and herbal products. We serve our patients at the Jade Wellness Center, as well as other licensed health care providers in the area who wish to have herbal formulas filled for their patients. We require professional license documentation prior to filling any herbal prescriptions.

An herbal pharmacist is on site 5 days a week to fill orders for prepared herbal products and customized herbal prescriptions.

The Jade Dispensary carries:

We carry only the best quality herbs from companies that employ strict quality assurance testing, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

In order to ensure products are free of heavy metals and other contaminants and are held to the highest possible safety and quality standards, we primarily carry patent and topical medicines manufactured only by U.S. companies.


For information about the Jade Herbal Dispensary, contact us at info@jadedispensary.com