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Health Preservation

Understanding Covid-19: A Compilation of Resources for the Chinese Medicine Community

By Acupuncture, AOM Research, Case Histories, Classics, Clinical Perspectives , East/West Integration, Health Preservation, Herbal Medicine, History, Internal Medicine, Theory and Diagnosis

  In seeking guidance for our own work with patients, those of us at the Jade Institute and others have put together a listing and links to resources that we have found to be particularly valuable.  The information below comes from a variety of wise and experienced sources, all given generously by their authors.  It is encouraging to see the outpouring of help offered by teachers and doctors, both in the West and in China, in support of practitioners here and their ability to understand…

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How COVID-19 is Currently Treated in China with TCM

By Acupuncture, Clinical Perspectives , Health Preservation, Herbal Medicine, Internal Medicine

The following article was translated by Dr. John Chen and Lori Hsu and includes the recommended herb formulas, acupuncture and moxibustion protocols for prevention and treatment of Coronavirus according to TCM experts in China. The Medical Treatment Unit of Wuhan’s COVID-19, Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a “Notice Regarding the Agreement to Recommend the Use of Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Pneumonia due to Infection from the Novel Coronavirus”. The “Notice” emphasizes that all designated medical institutions in Wuhan will ensure that all infected patients take Chinese medicine.

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Using Acupuncture Points to Eliminate Jet Lag

By Acupuncture, Health Preservation

During a 24 hour-period, qi circulates through the meridian system in such a way that it peaks in each meridian in 2-hours time increments, then moves on to peak the function of the next meridian. Throughout the diurnal cycle, taking 24 hours to complete one full cycle through the 12 meridians, when the qi is in a certain meridian we say that the meridian is at its energetic peak. This 2-hour peak period is called the horary period…

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Bone Broth for Health Building: Nourishing the Liver and Kidneys

By Dietary Therapy, Health Preservation

Winter is the ideal time for nourishing the Kidneys, and soup is the perfect winter food. Bone broth is prepared in cultures around the world as both a tasty, healthful soup and an easily digested medicinal food. The prolonged cooking of bones in water results in a broth rich in nutritional constituents that promote strength, tonify blood, nourish…

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The Art of Ginseng: Chicken Soups for All Seasons

By Dietary Therapy, Health Preservation, Herbal Medicine

While the various types of ginseng have key differences in terms of their nature and medicinal action, they share significant common ground. Overall, ginseng is regarded as an “adaptogen”; it consistently demonstrates a wide range of health benefits across a wide variety of parameters, and is well known for its enhancement of immune function, mental concentration, and exercise capacity. According…

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