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East/West Integration

Understanding Covid-19: A Compilation of Resources for the Chinese Medicine Community

By Acupuncture, AOM Research, Case Histories, Classics, Clinical Perspectives , East/West Integration, Health Preservation, Herbal Medicine, History, Internal Medicine, Theory and Diagnosis

  In seeking guidance for our own work with patients, those of us at the Jade Institute and others have put together a listing and links to resources that we have found to be particularly valuable.  The information below comes from a variety of wise and experienced sources, all given generously by their authors.  It is encouraging to see the outpouring of help offered by teachers and doctors, both in the West and in China, in support of practitioners here and their ability to understand…

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High Fever and Antibiotics

By Case Histories, Clinical Perspectives , East/West Integration, Herbal Medicine

This case started with a fairly typical flu, most likely caused by a wind-cold pathogen. The prescribed antibiotics constrained the pathogen in the muscle layer. Antibiotics, usually considered cold and bitter, are not appropriate in such situations, which require an acrid warm approach to disperse and release the exterior cold. The patient had a fairly robust constitution, which helped prevent the pathogen from sinking…

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Leaky Gut Syndrome A Modern Epidemic

By Acupuncture, Clinical Perspectives , Dietary Therapy, East/West Integration, Herbal Medicine, Internal Medicine, Theory and Diagnosis

Antibiotics introduce a very cold environment into the digestive system. It depletes spleen yang and disrupts spleen-stomach harmony. This impairs digestion and absorption of food and fluids, and more important, depletes the qi necessary to maintain the integrity of the small intestine. The small intestine is controlled by the spleen. The spleen’s function of absorption and distribution of qi and fluid…

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By Acupuncture, Clinical Perspectives , East/West Integration, Herbal Medicine, Neuromusculoskelatal

FM begins often following an infectious, or other medical disease, which can lead to retained pathogenic factors. It may also result from trauma, blood loss, chronic stress or chronic diseases. Stress, trauma and retained pathogenic factors result in obstruction and often also, secondary unstable Yang (Yin-Fire, Empty-Heat, Wind etc.) which can mani­fests as facilitated sympathetic nervous system and may depress..

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Earth – Colorectal Disorders

By Clinical Perspectives , East/West Integration, Herbal Medicine, Internal Medicine, Theory and Diagnosis

The colon and rectum constitute the distal end of the gastrointestinal tube. They are part of the fu aspect of the zang–fu. This hollow tube is within the body but its interior is actually outside of the body and acts as a conduit for the reception and extraction of nutrition from foods and water (outside). The lung and large intestine the only two organs in the body that have such an interaction between the outside and the inside…

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By Clinical Perspectives , East/West Integration, Herbal Medicine

Berberis is classified as cold and bitter, but meridians entered were not listed can clear Damp Heat and Heat Toxin, and can be used for hematuria, jaundice, sore throat, red eyes, and diarrhea. It can clear ‘latent heat syndromes’ (Retained Pathogen manifesting with Heat) such as tenesmus due to dysentery,..pharyngolaryngitis, jaundice, and cough due to pathogenic heat in the lungs…

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Chinese Herbal Medicine and the Novel H1N1 Virus

By Clinical Perspectives , East/West Integration, Herbal Medicine

During the SARS outbreak in 2003, Chinese herbs were used to treat infected patients and protect the health care professionals from contracting the virusii. There is much that we can do as Chinese herbal medicine practitioners to help our patients before, during, and after infection. But before a discussion of treatment options, it is essential that we all understand the virus itself and the current epidemiological information…

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