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Cecile Andrews Ph.D.


Cecile Andrews is the author of “Less is More, Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre”, and “The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life”. Author and teacher, Cecile has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University and affiliated scholar at Seattle University.

She is founder of the Phinney Ecovillage in Seattle and her work has been featured in the PBS video “Escape from Affluenza” and the TBS video “Consumed by Consumption” (featuring Cecile, Ed Begley Jr, Jane Fonda and Phyllis Diller). Cecile has also been on CBS news, featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Esquire, and NPR programs, and written a column for the Seattle Times. She received her doctorate in education at Stanford University.

With a current focus on the “Community Happiness Circle” Cecile explores how small groups of committed citizens can come together to support each other in the pursuit of personal happiness and social change for the greater good. She lives in Seattle and spends the winters in Palo Alto, teaching in the Stanford Health Improvement Program.

Cecile Andrews