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The Jade Institute Vision

The Jade Institute offers advanced professional education in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and supports the  collaboration with other complementary systems of healing.

The heart of the Institute is a deep love and passion for the classical healing tradition of Oriental medicine and its integration into modern day life. We encourage a broad understanding of this medical system, embracing a cultural appreciation for the development of the medicine, a respect for the mystery and philosophy of its principles, and a commitment to the science and discipline it embodies.

We believe that through deep understanding grows heartfelt respect for, and dedication to, the role that Asian medicine plays in the future of our world. The Jade Institute promotes this role in all its endeavors.

Our Educational Offerings

Located in Seattle, Washington, the Jade Institute offers educational programs, study groups, and opportunities for Asian medicine practitioners to share knowledge and ideas:

  •     Educational Programs and Seminars
  •     Study Discussion Groups
  •     Free online professional journal of articles