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February - 2018

Supporting Fertility with Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Course

Description: The treatment of fertility patients requires a wide range of skills and understanding of both TCM and Western perspectives. This course is tailored for the practicing acupuncturist-herbalist or advanced student of Chinese medicine who is seeking to develop and deepen their understanding and ability to provide effective support for female and male fertility patients.

Learn to address a comprehensive range of fertility disorders with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, understand how to provide integrative support for IVF, treat according to basal body temperature charting, and learn about fertility labs and how to counsel your patients on preconception care. In this course, you will greatly enhance your clinical skill in providing effective support and treatment for healthy moms to bring healthy babies into the world!

Hours: 35.0 contact hours
Instructor(s): Cindy Micleu MTCM., L.Ac.Susan Tallmadge Carr ND.

October - 2018

Two Year Intensive Chinese Herbal Medicine Course: Year 1

Description: This is the 1st year of our 2-year program of study in Chinese herbal medicine. Year 1 will begin in Fall of 2018 and covers basic materia medica and formulas, while in year 2, the focus will be on the application of formulas and modifications for a wide variety of disorders. Classes are small in order to encourage questions, discussion, and a mentorship style education.

This program takes a unique approach to the study of herbal medicine. From the beginning, there is an emphasis on real clinical case application and a patient centered perspective. Single herbs and formulas are taught together in an integrated system in order to facilitate learning of herbs within a clinical context. As an indispensable part of effective herb prescribing, there will be a good deal of attention given to refining diagnostic skills and pattern discrimination.

Current registration is for year one of the program. There may be some changes to the specific dates noted below, though year one of the course will begin in October 2018 and end in July 2019. Early registration is recommended as the class size is limited. Year 2 of the program will be held from September 2018-July 2019.

Hours: 156.0 contact hours
Instructor(s): Cindy Micleu MTCM., L.Ac.

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