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HPV, Cervical Dysplasia, Cancer and Chinese Medcine & Endometriosis East and West

Description: Dr. Misha Cohen will outline the treatment of women with HPV infection and its relationship to cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer. Discussion will include traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, herbal treatment, acupuncture/moxibustion treatment of various stages of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), and prevention of cancers associated with HPV infection, as well as the Western medicine approaches to HPV treatment and case management.

Day 2 of the seminar will explore the interrelationship and integration of clinical Chinese herbal medicine practice and Chinese herbal research for endometriosis in women, including the etiology and pathogenesis of endometriosis from both Eastern and Western perspectives and the pharmacologic effects of Chinese herbs used in endometriosis pain.

This seminar is offered as part of the longer program of 4 weekend seminars "Advanced Studies in Women's Health" (see Advanced Programs for details). There are 10 registration slots available for those wishing to take this class, HPV, Cancer and Chinese Medicine & Endometriosis East and West, as a single weekend seminar.

Hours: 14.0 hours - CEUs for NCCAOM, CTCMA, CA
Instructor(s): Misha Cohen OMD, LAc.

Blood Pathology and Bleeding Disorders in Gynecology

Description: Integrating her extensive clinical experience and work with her teacher Dr. Qiu Xiao-mei, Sharon Weizenbaum will address the nature of blood and bleeding physiology with careful attention to the details of diagnosing the root cause of bleeding disorders in gynecology. After establishing clear and thorough diagnostic methods, treatment strategies will be discussed for a wide range of clinical situations.

Using a phased approach, protocols and herbs will be presented for different treatment stages, acute and chronic situations, mild and heavy bleeding, and methods of consolidation and prevention once bleeding has been controlled. Sharon will be sharing the innovative and previously un-translated material of Dr. Qiu Xiao-mei.

Hours: 14.0 hours - CEUs for NCCAOM, CTCMA, CA
Instructor(s): Sharon Weizenbaum L.Ac.

Supporting the Heart and Spirit in Woman: Treating Mental Emotional Imbalances Using Integrative TCM & 5-E Strategies

Description: Tiffany Pollard brings an effective synthesis and integration of 5 element and TCM approaches to treating the mental emotional imbalances that we commonly see in women. Women are working and raising children,lconfronting a changing role in the family, community and the world, and often struggle with issues of intimacy and sexuality. This class will offer new perspectives on emotional-spiritual balance, diagnosing underlying causes of imbalance, and using acupuncture to treat the root of anxiety and depression, while helping women to understand themselves and heal their wounds. Special topics include the discussion of women's relationship between food and emotions, peri-menopausal transitions, and sexual abuse/betrayal.
Hours: 13 hours
Instructor(s): Tiffany Pollard MS, L.Ac.

Windows of Transition: From Menarche to Menopause

Description: Cindy Micleu will discuss key times in a woman's life when dramatic hormonal changes occur, in particular at menarche, after pregnancy and childbirth, and menopause. These times often mark major life transitions and are accompanied by significant changes in both the body and the mental/emotional framework. At the same time, they also offer a "window" through which profound change can be made and health influenced for years into the future. A variety of issues will be addressed such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, acne, menstrual disorders, urinary issues, temperature imbalance, hypertension, and more.
Hours: 13 hours
Instructor(s): Cindy Micleu MTCM., L.Ac.

Using Chinese Herbs in External Application

Description: This class introduces various forms of external applications of Chinese herbs including washes, compresses, powders, steam-soaks, ointments, soft plasters, application of herbs to acupuncture points and more. The preparation and application methods are thoroughly explained so that the student can use the preparations in clinic. While the majority of applications address dermatologic disorders or treatment of sinew damage (sprains, strains, etc.) many of the applications treat internal disorders, pediatric complaints and gynecologic ailments.
Hours: 7.5
Instructor(s): Andrew Ellis B.A.

Common Uses for Uncommon Herbs and Uncommon Uses for Common Herbs (Acupuncture Too!)

Description: This class will center on clinical tips from Andy's experience and that of his teachers and writings of some well-known modern practitioners. He will discuss herbs and formulas that are not commonly used but should be; uncommon uses for herbs and formulas that are commonly used and also some unique acupuncture techniques and point selections.

Discussion of herbs and formula will center on clinical utility and is appropriate for the practitioner who uses herbs in bulk form, as concentrates or even in tablet form. The class is designed to meet the needs of those who have basic herb knowledge but wish to go beyond the textbook. Some examples of external applications of herbs will also be included. In addition, the class will include a few special techniques, point location methods and point combinations from Andy's acupuncture teacher, Dr. Shi Neng-Yun.
Hours: 7.5
Instructor(s): Andrew Ellis B.A.

Clinical Tips on Using Granules &
Understanding the Herbal Supply Chain

Description: This class is co-sponsored by the Jade Institute and Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM). The lecture is free of charge and there is no need to register ahead.

Using granules is a relatively new development in Chinese herbal medicine and brings with it the problem of how to dosage herb formulas appropriately. This class will examine different approaches including the advantages and disadvantages of methods such as combining whole formulas as is commonly used in Taiwan, and building formulas from single herb extracts, the method used more predominantly in mainland China.

In this class, Eric will also discuss key issues in herbal pharmacy today such as the state of wild-crafted vs. cultivated products, organic certification, and the process and problems that go into determining the quality and authenticity of medicinals. The quality of the herbs we use is dependent on many factors such as the influence of particular growing regions, harvesting methods, and proper processing (pao zhi).
Hours: 2.5 hours
No CEUs available
Instructor(s): Eric Brand LAc.

Combining Western Herbs & Chinese Medicine: Digestive Disorders

Description: With an engaging and unique approach to teaching herbal medicine, Jeremy Ross offers a new system that successfully integrates the paradigms of Chinese medicine, Western herbal tradition, and phytopharmacological research. His seminars help students to develop concise diagnosis and treatment, and facilitate both a deep understanding of individual herbs and the sophisticated use of herb combinations that are effective and safe.

In this 3-day course, Jeremy uses his system of Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine to teach a series of valuable herb combinations for treating digestive disorders commonly seen in clinical practice. Topics addressed include digestive weakness, weight loss and loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, gastritis and gastric ulcer, weight gain and obesity, food intolerances and allergies, colic and irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, diarrhea and dysentery, constipation, and the digestive problems resulting as the side effect of medications.
Hours: 21.0
Instructor(s): Jeremy Ross BSc, DAc (Br), LAc.

Combining Western Herbs & Chinese Medicine: Respiratory Disorders

Description: Jeremy Ross brings over 35 years of herb and acupuncture study, and 25 years of teaching, to his courses. He has authored numerous books and developed a new integrated system that successfully brings together concepts from Chinese medicine, Western herbal tradition, and phytopharmacological research. A gifted and engaging teacher, he is able to clarify complex ideas and ground theoretical concepts in practical clinical experience.

In his first North American seminar in many years, Jeremy will be teaching two 3-day courses based on his system of Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine. In this course he will help students develop concise diagnosis and treatment, with effective and safe individual herbs and combinations for respiratory disorders. Common clinical issues will be addressed such as asthma, cough, bronchitis, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, tonsillitis, influenza, colds, recurring respiratory infections, and acute respiratory disorders.
Hours: 21.0
Instructor(s): Jeremy Ross BSc, DAc (Br), LAc.

Assessment and Treatment of Inflammatory and Hormonal Imbalances Utilizing Auriculotherapy

Description: Practical skills will be developed in this seminar to identify and treat specific points on the ear which address inflammatory conditions affecting the digestive system, as well as endocrine and hormonal imbalances. Including extensive discussion, demonstrations, and practice sessions, Susan Scott will share with you the application of auriculotherapy in the treatment of such inflammatory conditions as GERD, IBS, colitis, celiac disease, thyroid disorders, adrenal exhaustion, and hormonal imbalances.
Hours: 13.0
Instructor(s): Susan Scott L.Ac.

Chinese Medicine in Geriatric Care

Description: Aging often brings with it some particular health and quality of life issues, from musculoskeletal pain, stroke and its sequelae, urinary issues and digestive weakness, to problems of mind and memory. This course will address specific disorders as well as special considerations of treating the elderly. Angie Hughes brings a wealth of experience and background in both TCM and 5 element approaches to gerontology, and offers both specific diagnostic and treatment protocols as well as very practical advice on how to work with this population.
Hours: 12.0 contact hours
Instructor(s): Angie Hughes L.Ac.

Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine: Dermatology

Description: With an engaging and unique approach to teaching herbal medicine, Jeremy Ross offers a system that successfully integrates the paradigms of Chinese medicine, Western herbal tradition, and phytopharmacological research. His seminars help students to develop concise diagnosis and treatment, and facilitate both a deep understanding of individual herbs and the sophisticated use of herb combinations that are effective and safe.

In this 3-day course, Jeremy Ross will be teaching his system of combining Western herbs and Chinese medicine in application to dermatology disorders. He will primarily address oral herb prescriptions, but will also offer some topical preparations and as well as herbal detoxification treatments.
Hours: 19.5
Instructor(s): Jeremy Ross BSc, DAc (Br), LAc.

Sotai: The Art of Painless Pain Relief

Description: Sotai is a simple system of healing using regulated breathing and gentle movements performed against light resistance to release areas of pain and constriction. It is a sort of near-homeopathic bodywork and movement reeducation.

Sotai is properly understood as an 'indirect method' of somatic practice. It shares certain features with strain-counterstrain, positional release, and orthobionomy in that the practitioner moves the patient away from areas of pain and restriction-constriction. It is unique however in its use of regulated breathing with the movements and in its attending to the whole body, not just the problem areas. It is as much like a dance as it is bodywork.
Hours: 13.0 contact hours
Instructor(s): Bob Quinn DAOM, L.Ac.

Superficial Insertion and Refining Your Needle Technique

Description: In this age of techno-stress with the prevalence of Qi deficiency and psychosomatic conditions, more subtle techniques like contact and superficial needling have become valuable in our practices. The Japanese styles of acupuncture in particular offer a rich variety of needling techniques that work on the skin and the superficial layers. Refining our technique boils down to learning to use less stimulation in a more precise manner for greater effect with less discomfort for the patient. Learn the art of superficial needling that makes acupuncture not only less invasive but more effective.
Hours: 12.0
Instructor(s): Stephen Brown L.Ac.

Perspectives on Obstetric Treatment: A Gathering of Birthkeepers

Description: Treating patients during pregnancy and birth enhances the health of both mother and baby, and often helps avoid more invasive solutions for problems that arise. Raven Lang, a nationally known teacher, acupuncturist and midwife, will be in Seattle presenting the first of two weekend seminars on Pregnancy and Birth. (The second weekend will be offered in 2015.)
Hours: 14.0
Instructor(s): Raven Lang OMD, L.Ac.